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Don’t Ditch the Gym

Cardio and strength training are key to successful racing, and are not something that skiing alone is enough to provide. You will want to make sure that you continue to hit the gym on a regular basis, and stay diligent about your workout program. If you haven’t already worked with a trainer on developing a personal regimen of skiing-specific exercises then now is definitely the time. Race season takes a toll on your body, and the best way to ensure you make it from first race, to last, is by keeping your fitness levels up to the challenge.

Find a Crossover Sport

Whether you pick-up skate skiing, speed skating, or even weekly yoga classes, finding an additional source of strength training is the key to successful Masters racing. The more you change up the form of exercise, the more your body is forced to adapt, and it will only benefit your skiing. All three of the activities listed above require impressive core strength, and help your body stay loose and flexible while gaining strength. These are off-hill tricks used by the pros, and there’s a reason.

Remember Your Drills

As race season kicks into full swing, it’s easy to forget to work on your basic fundamentals on a daily basis. Bad habits can very quickly sneak back into the picture, so you’ll want to make sure you continue to drill yourself on your form and edge work. From strengthening your outside edge work with one-footed skiing, to unbuckling your boots and working on fore/aft balancing, the simpler the drill, the more likely it is to be critical to fundamentals. It may seem silly, but even World Cup racers work on the basics daily, so you should too.

Alpine Ski Racing with USSA Intermountain Masters Photo by Eric Schramm

Ask an Expert:

Jonny Moffat, Jans Rennstall Expert Tuner, Former PCST Slalom and GS Racer

What’s your favorite crossover activity?

“For me it’s ping pong. It keeps you on your toes, and forces you to stay super focused while you improve your balance. I love throwing on the gym shorts and getting a good sweat going during a game of ping pong.”