Intermountain Masters Ski Race Series - USSA Intermountain Masters
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Signed up to race? Make sure you’re ready

Pre-Race Checklist

  1. Make sure you are on the right skis
  2. Make sure your tune is precise and dialed
  3. Make sure you get in some good practice

If you are putting in the effort to show up on race day, you might as well have everything working for you. Obviously, your own experience and conditioning are critical, but your equipment can help. A lot.

To promote ski racing in Utah and to make sure you get the most from your equipment, Jans Mountain Outfitters and their race services division, Jans Rennstall, have sponsored the Intermountain Masters Race Program and the Jans Cup for the past 30 years.

Alpine Ski Racing with USSA Intermountain Masters Photo by Eric Schramm


Ski technology never stops advancing. With all the effort and money that is poured into national race teams, and the never ending push by manufacturers to have their skis raised above the podium, it is no wonder that race skis are changing with every season. The good news is that skis get faster, lighter, and more fun with each new release. The bad news is that racers need a new pair every couple of years to keep pace. There’s no way around it, racing is an expensive sport. But with the right skis, the reward can make your commitment well worth the costs.

Rennstall translates to “Race Room,” and Jans Rennstall is set up 100% around race skis and ski (and snowboard) tuning. If you are trying to figure out the right skis for you, visit Jans Rennstall to test the best race skis on the market. Try each for several runs, or for a full day, and you’ll quickly figure out which skis best suit your individual style. Call (435) 649-1833 to reserve your skis and for more information about the Jans Test Ski Program (link to, or visit Rennstall at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. The expert tuners at Jans Rennstall are former, and current, racers whose passion for the sport is contagious.


Jans Rennstall is indeed the “Race Room” when it comes to tunes. From hosting pre-season tuning clinics with the world renowned Willi Wiltz, to the best tuning equipment in town, Rennstall is focused on helping you have the fastest skis possible.

Active racers will want to consider purchasing a season tune pass from Rennstall at Park City Mountain Resort. One price covers a season worth of tunes, and will guarantee that your race skis are in top shape every time you take to the course.

Even if you don’t live in Park City, Utah, Rennstall can get you the best tune on the market. Just ship your skis to Jans Rennstall and they’ll have them tuned and on their way back to you within four days. For shipping instructions, quotes on special team pricing, or simply more information, call (435) 649- 1833. From your first tune of the year, to mid-season restructuring and edge work, Rennstall promises to provide the world class tune you need to get the most out of every race day.