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Brent Amsbury

We are delighted to announce Brent and his crew back on board for their 4th consecutive year of Intermountain Masters sponsorship.… [learn more]

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Mid-Season Restructuring

Snow conditions change over the course of a season, and you’ll want to make sure that you have the optimal structure for right now. With years of knowledge of snow conditions, base structures, and base materials, Jans Rennstall tuners have spent the entire season determining the specific structure that is producing the best results at a given point in time. The tune that was right at the start of the season, may not be what will get you on the podium halfway through the season.

Thermal Bag Cycle

Any time you’ve had base restructuring work, you will want to make sure your skis get treated to another hot box cycle. The right wax makes all the difference on race day, and making sure the bases of your skis are ready to hold that wax from the top of the course, to the bottom, is guaranteed to shave seconds off your time. Once your bases are restructured and hot boxed, you’ll experience exceptional results from your daily, temperature-specific waxes.

Alpine Ski Racing with USSA Intermountain Masters Photo by Eric Schramm

Check Your Gear

From your armor to your boots, equipment takes a beating over the course of a race season, and you will want to make sure everything is still performing up to par. Carefully inspect your protective gear for any small cracks or irregularities that may be developing. Nothing exaggerates imperfections in your gear like a crash at race- speed, and guaranteeing that your armor is in no way compromised will afford you the confidence to ski fast and aggressively.

You will also want to perform a diligent inspection of your race boots. Buckles and cuff- alignment bolts loosen up over time, so make sure that everything on your boots is secure and ready to go. Check for small “tears” or cracks that may be forming as well. Areas like the overlap of your instep receive a lot of strain when you’re racing, so you’ll want to ensure no trouble spots are developing.