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Brent Amsbury

We are delighted to announce Brent and his crew back on board for their 4th consecutive year of Intermountain Masters sponsorship.… [learn more]

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Race Summary
60 competitors (48 men, 12 women)
51 finishers (40 men, 11 women)

Standings By Class
PlaceCompetitorFirst RunSecond RunTotalRace Points
 Women Class 10 (70-74)  TimeRace Points
1Swift, Jan51.5651.201:42.760.00
 Men Class 11 (75-79)  TimeRace Points
1Rusden, Dick52.2352.701:44.930.00
2Retallick, Chuck53.2852.121:45.403.23
3Webber, Dick1:10.491:12.962:23.45264.31
-Bloomberg, John49.43DSQDSQ 
 Men Class 10 (70-74)  TimeRace Points
1Hudson, Nick41.6841.521:23.200.00
2Sarchett, Bob46.1345.931:32.0676.67
 Women Class 8 (60-64)  TimeRace Points
1Hendrickson, Ellen50.1148.841:38.950.00
2Frankel, Tracy59.1155.851:54.96116.50
 Women Class 7 (55-59)  TimeRace Points
1Lanzel, Amy43.5544.011:27.560.00
2Paup, Christina50.3248.041:38.3688.81
3Kadison, Shelley55.9355.491:51.42196.20
-Martin, Sally47.25DNFDNF 
 Women Class 6 (50-54)  TimeRace Points
1Griffiths, Laura54.2152.721:46.930.00
 Women Class 5 (45-49)  TimeRace Points
1McKee, Louise48.4547.001:35.450.00
 Women Class 4 (40-44)  TimeRace Points
1Kadulova, Dasha45.9344.761:30.690.00
 Women Class 2 (30-34)  TimeRace Points
1Alexandrescu, Dana39.8840.371:20.250.00
2Boyd, Jennifer55.6955.281:50.97275.62
 Men Class 9 (65-69)  TimeRace Points
1Kronthaler, Thomas40.6941.541:22.230.00
2Marsh, Stew43.7043.741:27.4445.62
3Probert, Russ45.1145.121:30.2370.05
4Karjalainen, Rauli46.3844.961:31.3479.77
5Uberuaga, Mike47.3545.121:32.4789.66
6O'Connor, Kevin46.8947.161:34.05103.50
7DESGOUTTES, Yves52.7050.501:43.20183.61
8Allred, Jackson1:07.6655.822:03.48361.18
-Brennan, DaveDNFDNSDNF 
 Men Class 8 (60-64)  TimeRace Points
1Bergseng, Jim46.6346.601:33.230.00
2JAMISON, Will48.3548.531:36.8828.19
3Heuscher, Dominic51.3548.491:39.8451.05
-Kadison, Brian1:14.23DSQDSQ 
 Men Class 7 (55-59)  TimeRace Points
1Brower, Mark41.4341.441:22.870.00
2Vaughan, Lynn40.8443.851:24.6915.81
3Lyman, Eric42.2844.801:27.0836.58
4Graham, Greg43.9045.241:29.1454.48
5Stein, Peter44.9147.091:32.0079.32
6Abel, Louis48.7349.961:38.69137.45
7DeLong, Jeffrey45.841:01.551:47.39213.04
-Kruse, FrankDSQDSQDSQ 
-Sears, Don40.47DNFDNF 
 Men Super Seed  TimeRace Points
1Brower, Daniel (M02)37.3535.941:13.290.00
2Jalili, Thunder (M05)38.4637.591:16.0527.11
3Slabinski, Richard (M07)37.7139.071:16.7834.29
4Mellor, Luke (M04)39.5438.721:18.2648.83
5Skinner, Bill (M07)39.5939.441:19.0356.39
6Adams, Michael (M08)39.7739.921:19.6962.87
7Elliot, Jim (M07)39.7940.631:20.4270.04
8Skinner, Robert (M07)36.9957.261:34.25205.91
-Norton, Craig (M03)36.94DSQDSQ 
 Men Class 6 (50-54)  TimeRace Points
1Johnson, Kent41.3743.501:24.870.00
2Madsen, Greg43.1845.221:28.4029.95
3Frost, Brian43.2145.991:29.2036.73
4Merritt, Kip44.6849.411:34.0978.22
-Gordon, WilliamDSQDSQDSQ 
 Men Class 5 (45-49)  TimeRace Points
1Burns, Duncan41.6342.641:24.270.00
2Loritz, Gordy43.2345.361:28.5936.91
3Mauro, Lou44.1545.671:29.8247.42
 Men Class 4 (40-44)  TimeRace Points
1Vaughan, Kevin41.5941.521:23.110.00
 Men Class 3 (35-39)  TimeRace Points
1Molde, Ryan43.8448.171:32.010.00

Scoring Details
Race points: F=720
Classes: Intermountain masters 5-year age classes with men's super seed
Courses: All racers on one course